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The adventures of an opinionated, atheist vegan in a religion based meat eating world.

183 people vegan due to my in your face attitude and counting.


avocados4life asked
Not only does your diet save lives, it also dramatically increases health and can reverse diseases. Maybe if that anon educated themselves, they'd know. Everyone should watch this documentary called Forks Over Knives and it will change your life

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Go Vegan today,
Or you’re lifestyle will end up killing you.

The Salvaged Skateboard Shop



Hi guys, 

I’m collaborating with the founder of this indiegogo campaign to help create a focused marketplace for the budding recycled skateboard community.

My contribution is the keychain perks, and there’s a bunch of other really great perks for investors.

So please check it out! Consider making a contribution and signal boost.

Thanks :)

please consider making a contribution or signal boost! thanks guys

I have a riddle.

Hickory dickory dock,
Stop eating fucking animals.
The mouse ran down,
Hickory dickory dock.

Anonymous asked
Your diet is a joke and have not, does not and will not save a single living soul in the history of ever. Oh wait, this isn't abuse, this is the truth. Which I guess can be abusive to your demented logic. Whoopsie.

Do you feel better getting that off your chest behind the security of anonymous?

Feel better coming to someone’s blog for the sole purpose of attacking their diet when it in no way effects you or your life?

You pathetic fuck.

How’s your Thursday? @jayden_sdd @fml_666

Anonymous asked
You are so up yourself and its really funny because you are literally disgusting, nothing special at all. And every one knows you have hair extensions, stop lying and being a fake bitch.


I do not care what you think but I do have to say my hair is definitely real and I’ve never had extensions ahah silly

You’re actually the most special person I know, sooo….

And your hair is definitely 100% real, I pulled it last night to double check.


I ♡ my green hair

Colour used: Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest.


I ♡ my green hair

Colour used: Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest.


Children reclaiming their position at the top of the food chain.

Haircuts by @shayneelouise #terrified

Haircuts by @shayneelouise #terrified

Anonymous asked
I know just read that you don't support freelee or durian, but I was just curious on your opinion of Kristina or Chris Randall?

I don’t know who any of those people are sorry, I google’d Kristina but that came up with way too many options so I couldn’t find anything,

I found that Chris Randall guy but I don’t have time to jump through all of his posts, can you link me to some stuff?

Anonymous asked
As a fat vegan, you cannot fathom how awesome it feels to see someone speak out against body-shaming vegans. You're the perfect example of someone using their privilege to help those not afforded said privilege. Can you recommend other blogs that are vegan and body-posi? Or at least not body-shaming?

thanks heaps, that really means a lot! sorry for the delay but I’ve been trying to compile a list for you but it just got too much, so I’ll do one better!

I’ll let the people promote themselves!

If you’re vegan & Bodi post like, comment, reblog or something on this post so that everyone can see how perfect you are!

highlordmugfug asked
Just wanted to send you some love to make up for the jackasses both sending anti-vegan stuff, and trying to say you're burnt out because of *pretentious-ass "you don't have real problems" suffering/oppression-olympics etc.* bullshit. Back when I was actually on facebook I got into that same cycle of repeating arguments and linking studies and whatnot, only to be met with asinine, crybaby, overly defensive nonsense. Just take a step back from all that and do you for a bit. Stay golden, Josh.

:) thanks so much!