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183 people vegan due to my in your face attitude and counting.


silverled asked
wow that anon is a fucking dick. Apparently if one finally made it out of poverty in this fucked up oppressive system and has now gathered enough economic power to oppress a weaker individual, then how dare vegans site the negative impact this oppression has on the victim as a reason for not hurting the weaker individual? That's just stupid. Everyone knows that all that matters is the oppressor's feelings and nothing else.
Anonymous asked
No, dearest faggot, it is you who lose at life. You think because YOU see vegans all around you in your 1%er society then it must be so in the other 194 countries of the world as well. You think you can tell billions of people to not eat meat when it's the first time in their families' history that they could afford it because ANIMULL FEELZ. Fuck off with this first world crap. Enjoy checking out the global meat production statistics to see how much you help animals.


Anonymous asked
Yeah, undoubtedly many Indian and Indonesian are vegetarian. But they still make up a small percentage. My suggestion in telling you to go was about opening your eyes to the world outside your comfort zone. Go there or anywhere else. See the slaughters happening on the streets in India. See the open-air, fridgeless butchers. And then talk to the poor street kids and ask what they'd like. They'll tell you to be rich and to be able to eat meat, which they can't afford. Then call them shitlords.

Face it kid, you lose.

You’ve been coming here, trying to abuse me for no the and nothing has worked.

All you’ve done is make a fool of yourself as was shown in your last message.

Run along now.

Anonymous asked
Laughing at the anon that said "Buy a one-way ticket to Indonesia or India and not return for at least 3 months"... Many Buddhists and Hindus stick to strict vegetarian (and even vegan) diets. Soooo anon. What's so bad about going to those places for 3 months?
Anonymous asked
But...I'm fine with my body being a graveyard. I've helped slaughtered my fair share of animals with my grandma. That makes me far more in touch with the "real world" than your sheltered ass is ever going to be. But hey, you can make up! Buy a one-way ticket to Indonesia or India and not return for at least 3 months. Let's see what you'll have to say about veganism after one of those stints. I'm sure all your statistics and carefully picked sources would go to waste though

Are you still here?



Anonymous asked
I like how you define being 'better' by the number of followers on social media and other non-relevant crap as well as being a prude when it comes to swearing. So much greatness. I'm sure when you change the diapers on or play Scrabble with old people that helps you immensely. By the way, yet another reality check: you do know that if you'd live anywhere but where you do live (and maybe NZ) you'd be making minimum wage with this non-skilled job of yours and would barely make ends meet, right?

No, I define being better than you by my lack of need to use sexist, ableist and homophobic slurs to get my point across.
I’m not abprudebto swearing, I swear more than most however I do it in a non offensive manner.

And my job isn’t a highly skilled profession, you’re right and I early just above minimum wage as it is and do struggle to survive. However it’s obviously not the money that I do it for, I highly enjoy my job. I enjoy the satisfaction that I recidve from helping those in need, more than I can say for a pathetic low life such as yourself.

Anonymous asked
You're not only stupid (and immensely proud of it), your memory is lacking too. I recall us already being over this once. You can see this for yourself if you do your statcounter/offanon plugin wonder on one of my earlier asks. Hint: the data will not be the same than the Canadian (?) IP and address you think I have. Not even the continent is right. Didn't I tell you a couple of times I'm from Central Europe? I'm pretty sure I did. What a dumb fucking faggot you are. Enjoy not saving any animals

I love how mad and abusive you get over absolutely nothing.
Does it annoy you that no matter how low you stoop with petty payouts and disgusting derogatory terms that I am now, and always will be a better than you?

uglierbytheday asked
Anon, the cruelty done towards both animals and humans by those who are not white and the cruelty done by whites are not mutually exclusive. Both are equally important and devastating however it does appear that those of the white race, being typically wealthier than minorities as well as privileged, are yet again exemplifying their greed and lack of empathy when they take part in cruelty. So yes, more often than not the race that has everything yet keeps taking is going to get the most shit.

It’s strange how as soon as mention of any personal information being spread is mentioned you’ve run from your local address to an anonymous proxy.

You can use as much foul language as you like, you’ll never get me to stoop to your level.

Goodnight anon, I look forward to laughing at you again tomorrow.

Anonymous asked
Oh, scratch that, I just noticed I didn't read you're previous response. You were talking about me! AHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT A MASSIVE FAGGOT, is this your first day on the internet and have not heard about proxies or what? You do realize 1000x578 is not a real resolution, right? But please, do post my "personal details", including the address of the main office of my ISP which you think is my home address. Your digital illiteracy is astounding.


Anonymous asked
I don't know who the other anon you threatened with doxxing was, but relax, I'm here to stay to face you with how much of a retarded cunt you are. Go ahead, look up my IP. Because you tumblr idiots think that's the equivalent of the social security number and the "address" you get from the lookup services is not the address of their ISP's head office or some other technical facility's. How much of a digital illiterate are you to think like this?


Anonymous asked
"Just let that sink in for a minute." You mean sink like the sharks do after finning? I simply love how SJW tumblr is always so fucking quick to hate on white people when it comes to that, but when practices like shark finning or ivory production is mentioned, you never seem to single out the East Asian POCs? I wonder why is that? Because all POC are perfect and the evil whities must never ever ever criticize anything they do ever, even if it's female genital mutilation and pedophilia? Cool.